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Butterfly by HobbsPoptimist Butterfly :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 2 0
I have a little room
It's out of time with the rest of the world
That's okay though
It's better, actually
I crawl inside
Don't forget to shut the door tight
And hide
Leave me alone world
Just for a while
I amuse myself sometimes in there
All the little hypocritical things I do
I hate to beg, but I do it all the time
Find it hard to accept help, but help others
Maybe against their will
Maybe not
It's hard to tell
Even harder to care
Why should I care?
Nobody seems to know
I just
So in I go
Far away
Tucked away in my little room
I wait for the world to end...
But it refuses
Too many lives to live
Too many things to be done
To stop the world for one selfish, scared little girl
Can't help dreaming though
Can't stop the tears
The only thing I can do is hide
In my room, out of time with the world
But even that has to end
Not yet, though
Not yet
:iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 3 3
I write
small things
pulled out of me
piece by piece they shiver into the sunlight
sticky, painful
dark things
coiled around my heart
for ages
upon ages
they grew there
choked me down
with protective thorns
now I want them out
but they fight
deep roots
and new thorns turned inwards
drawing blood
to keep
their place
it hurts
a deep-seated bruise
a broken scab
leaking blood
through unwanted slits in its defenses
I write against my will
words overflow my head
spill from my ears and mouth and eyes
a desert flood rushing from me
till I write
not fast enough never fast enough
living writhing fighting squirming
I pin them down
scoop them out of the sea
and they flop around
limp and useless away from their brethren
sometimes they get away
then circle back around
just to taunt me
can't catch me
they laugh
sometimes they hurt me
sneak up in the middle of the night
curl around my bed
dripping poison in my ears
sometimes t
:iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 4 3
I fucked up
I messed up, screwed up
and now they tell me to suck it up
change my ways
like it's the easiest thing in the world
change, change, change
it's a dirty word, you know
I hear it and flinch away
because I am changing
not the way you want me to
not in an acceptable way
and I just
don't know
you say it like a gift, like it's something special
new and unusual, a thought I've never had before
before I ever came out of my mother's womb I knew change
I was change
and you
standing there all put together
telling me to change
filth and superiority dripping out of your mouth
just change
it's easy
oh, you don't like your life
so easy
to change it
how do you think I got here?
this place
I'm lost
did you know that?
with your can-do attitude and put together face
can you tell how hopelessly lost I am?
I wasn't always
lost, I mean
one day I just
found myself here
but hindsight's 20/20 you know
I can't go forward
:iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 6 5
Clumsy Clones (and other failed works of genius)
The Prologues

Alright, alright, so it's a little narcissistic to make clones of myself. So what? I am a genius after all. It's practically in the job description.  Be intelligent, be insane, have crazy hair, and, oh yeah, be AWESOME. Or as the less awesome people dub it, being narcissistic.
Wait a second.
We're nowhere near the clones part yet, so why are we talking about it?
Dude, you have to stop distracting me.

Oh yeah, this is the prologue.
What the hell am I supposed to say? Oh, right! This is the autobiography of Lillian Berube, self-proclaimed genius and her journey to… self… discovery….
Who typed up that piece of crap? Editor lady, this isn't funny. And I'm not a self-proclaimed genius! I totally passed all the IQ tests, ever.
This is the autobiography of the awesome me. No other introduction needed!
: D
:iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 0 0
Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright by HobbsPoptimist Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 6 6 Mirrors by HobbsPoptimist Mirrors :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 13 3
...good night...
...all I wanted was lost
all I lost was never mine
you were never mine
and I lost you...
...but I still want you...

Starlight, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have this first wish I wish tonight
...shush little lamb,
please go to sleep
nothing's in the shadows
where the stalkers creep...

Starlight, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Live to see tomorrow's light-
...shush little lamb,
don't make a sound
the monsters won't get you
if you can't be found...

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Live to see tomorrow's light-
...shush little lamb,
there's nothing to fear
you'll never be alone again
I promise, dear...

Starlight star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may I wish I might-
...have this first wish I wish tonight...
...but I made the wishes first, lamb...
:iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 6 11
Lonely by HobbsPoptimist Lonely :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 2 0 Zombie by HobbsPoptimist Zombie :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 3 3
Forever Stained
the skin is smooth and warm; the knife glints,
throwing off sunlight as it slides deep
a section of flesh slaps onto the table, liquid running down the skin
the tablecloth is stained red
it used to be white, i think
a long time ago, maybe
blunt knives aren't very useful
i find another; a wild swing -
a dripping red slice clings to the knife
my fingers are sticky sweet
i quickly lick them clean
what a mess; this tablecloth will never be white again
damn strawberries
:iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 4 16
Lost In Thought by HobbsPoptimist Lost In Thought :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 8 9 Fallen Angel by HobbsPoptimist Fallen Angel :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 9 10 Why Did You Let Me Fall? by HobbsPoptimist Why Did You Let Me Fall? :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 7 3 Late by HobbsPoptimist Late :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 7 6 Yeah... by HobbsPoptimist Yeah... :iconhobbspoptimist:HobbsPoptimist 5 11


Motherland Chronicles #51 - Erin by zemotion Motherland Chronicles #51 - Erin :iconzemotion:zemotion 3,362 90 Spider shroom by Der-Reiko Spider shroom :iconder-reiko:Der-Reiko 1,577 124 SOLD HAND MADE Poseable Baby Fox! by Wood-Splitter-Lee SOLD HAND MADE Poseable Baby Fox! :iconwood-splitter-lee:Wood-Splitter-Lee 4,933 425 Magical Fighters by humon Magical Fighters :iconhumon:humon 1,605 273 When Kevins Collide by kevinbolk When Kevins Collide :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 1,170 124 Milk for the Ugly by vesner Milk for the Ugly :iconvesner:vesner 16,117 4,154 Free Unicorn Icon by xXScarletButterflyXx Free Unicorn Icon :iconxxscarletbutterflyxx:xXScarletButterflyXx 778 81 Texture 45 by xnienke Texture 45 :iconxnienke:xnienke 856 92 Butterfly by ArtemisAesthetic Butterfly :iconartemisaesthetic:ArtemisAesthetic 840 120 (Comic) The Adventures of Hannibal the Cannibal #1 by ekzotik (Comic) The Adventures of Hannibal the Cannibal #1 :iconekzotik:ekzotik 1,369 74 Tamara by Hart-Worx Tamara :iconhart-worx:Hart-Worx 4,727 219 Fractal by byfredo Fractal :iconbyfredo:byfredo 1,032 90 in darkness silence alone by NanFe in darkness silence alone :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,413 30 Moggen Dakishi Black by phoenixlu Moggen Dakishi Black :iconphoenixlu:phoenixlu 2,151 57 The Beauty and the Beast by lehuss The Beauty and the Beast :iconlehuss:lehuss 19,147 586 The Iron Throne, GRR Martin by MarcSimonetti The Iron Throne, GRR Martin :iconmarcsimonetti:MarcSimonetti 4,593 174


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30 / 100
I would like to buy some prints from DA.

Thanks for all donations. :D

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    Donated Jul 28, 2014, 1:31:05 AM



SOooo, as some of you may have noticed, I sort of absconded from dA for the past year. I don't know if I'm coming back for good. I'm not going to leave, exactly, but putting up new things is sorta on hold for the moment. 

It's been rough, lately, just being in my head, but I finally think it's going to be okay. 

Also, I have issues with online friendships, not that I don't love them, it's just - I thrive on physical attention. I like to be able to see emotions and get a hug when I need it, or even just sit next to someone. I can still have a great internet friendship, it just takes a lot more energy and motivation, and lately, I haven't had much of either. Part of the whole "being stuck in my head" thing. 

But I would still like to apologize to everyone I ignored. I just went through my backlog of messages and, well, you're all lovely people. I'm so happy to be friends with you. :heart:

I'm putting forth another effort to be productive on here. I hope this goes better than the last one. 

Oh, and I have a tumblr now! Actually, I have three. The serious one's called kemspeckle, the fun one's called that-awful-dynne, and my personal blog is the-empty-quire. They're all connected, I just separated them by content. 

Anyways, I'm trying to check this at least once a week. Fingers crossed, right? :D


That Awful Dynne


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Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014   General Artist
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Birthday cake  icon 
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Thank you!! Can't believe I'm twenty, it seems impossible!
Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014   General Artist
Haha, I think I'll feel like that next year. I can't believe I'm 19.
SilverTidalWave Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Student Writer
Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day, and that all of your birthday wishes come true. :heart: :party:
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Aw thank you! I had a really good birthday. :heart:
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Your welcome!!! That's soooo great that it was a good birthday!!!! What have you been up to?
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It's been such a long time! Hope you're doing okay and that we can talk soon! :huggle:
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